Sanitisation Products

EFE SYSTEM is a direct replacement for the traditional HEPA filters installed in AHU and rooftop systems.

Our hygiene and anti-bacterial systems are extremely efficient at treating pollen, fine dust, toner, mould, smog, viruses, bacteria and tobacco smoke. One of the most dangerous airborne substances is Legionella, which causes millions of deaths every year. Our high efficiency Active Ionisation air cleaners eliminate pollen, dust mites, fungus and other contaminants. The efficiency of bacteria removal is 98-99% on:

  • Airborne bacteria, such as Micrococcus luteus;
  • Yeast, such as Rhodotorula rubra;
  • Bacillus Anthracis;
  • Molds and germs
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Solution2pollution is working with Evergen Pure Aire Systems to provide the most effective and affordable air purification products