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Our air cleaning technology is designed to be integrated into new and existing street furniture and city infrastructure.

The greatest problem in trying to tackle airborne pollution and particulate matter in the air we breathe is that it is a moving problem that crosses boundaries away from where it is produced into entirely different areas depending on the prevailing winds. Most Governments, Municipalities and Councils seem to focus on Urban traffic management to reduce the problem when, in reality, the research indicates a far greater problem of Trans-boundary pollution in city centres rather than traffic sourced particulates. Trans-boundary pollution equates to 70% of recorded inner-city pollution, particulates from surrounding rural and other production areas. Of the 30% inner city sourced pollution some 40% of that is shown to be traffic based. About 12% of the total figure. So, by concentrating on vehicle produced pollution even halving the problem will reduce the overall effect by only 6%. What about the other 94% and what can be done about that?

Our strategy to deal with that 94% is to create small “micro-environments” of clean air in areas where people congregate or socialise or use as thoroughfares. By using our highly efficient air cleaning technology we can integrate in new and existing street furniture and city infrastructures without demanding new space which is not readily available on our packed streets. The PureAire technology used produces the cleanest air for the lowest expenditure and running cost.

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