In Building Air Cleaner

Cleaning indoor air pollution is a much easier solution and improving air quality in buildings can be achieved in several different ways including free-standing moveable units to cover smaller rooms to larger systems integrated into the ventilation systems of larger office buildings.

Inside the home

Studies have highlighted the serious risk to health that poor air quality inside buildings poses, often twice and even up to five times the level of pollution of outside due to pollution being trapped within the confines of the building. Opening windows or turning ventilation on is not always an option either because of the risk of bringing more external pollution inside, and since we spend nearly 90% of our time in buildings every day the problem of indoor air quality cannot be ignored particularly where symptoms of ailments are exacerbated.

Your Home In Building

Inside workplaces

Larger premises and facilities like shopping centres, hotels, offices, hospitals etc tend to circulate and recirculate air inside these premises using centralised ventilation systems pushing the air through a system of pipes and vents. These Air Handling Units and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units, when used in sealed buildings, recirculate the combination of both the Oxygen AND the build-up of Carbon Dioxide, often leading to a drowsiness and a drop in productivity due to the increase in CO  

Office In Building air

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